By the way, I am happy we can be of help to you--anytime! It is very common in India and can be easily found in gardens. It was once a myth that there are no snakes in Hawaii. It must be blind snake season back in our old stomping grounds! A close photo or video could have given the right answer. Reproduction occurs when the cells in the egg begin to divide. You have Brahminy blind snake, Ramphotyphlops braminus. The Brahminy blind snake is approximately 5-10 cm in length, and known to be smallest snake in the world. There is a tiny spur at the tip of the tail. A single snake can produce eight genetically identical babies. With expansion of worldwide markets, sellers of greenhouse materials have carried this snake to other tropical and subtropical parts of the world, including Florida and Hawaii. Figure 3. Here in Thailand it is a pervasive myth. We bet you’re wondering what on earth such a small snake could eat. It can be found under rotting logs, leaves, and trash. Only 4-6 inches long, the Brahminy Blind Snake is black or dark grayish black, with a slightly lighter belly. The Brahminy Blind Snake burrows in the soil and leaf litter. Any new containers from the outside moved to the inside of your home. The species is non-venomous and feeds on larvae, eggs, and pupae of ants and termites. The Brahminy Blind Snake cannot do this. * Sometimes the most fascinating wildlife is found inside your house! Most often it is found in flower beds while people are gardening or on sidewalks after rain. All snakes of this kind are female, and lay eggs that are effectively clones of themselves. The scales of this snake are smooth and shiny. Brahminy Blind snakes are parthenogetic – can spawn young without males. VERY COMMON non-venomous snakes which are in nearly every country across the world. The tiny, slender Brahminy Blind snake is sometimes called ‘the potted plant snake’ because it is often found in flowerpots. There are many brahminy blind snakes in Hawaii. The head is the same size as the body without a noticeable neck. Brahminy Blind Snake – non venomous, burrowing snake native to southeast asia. A. But last night we were in bathroom again and we saw the second one-- The Brahminy Blind Snake, Indotyphlops braminus, is also known as the Flower Pot Snake because it hitchhiked from Asia to Florida in shipments of potted plants. The small, dot-like eyes are covered by translucent scales. We may be sadly lacking in micro-snakes here in Oregon, but these novel little critters are worth reading about. All Brahminy Blind Snakes are female. Perhaps this was true in the past, but not since the Brahminy Blind Snake was introduced … A. Andy D. Replied July 14, 2016, 12:52 PM EDT. "Flower Pot Snake"—Brahminy Blind Snake. In the wild, blind snakes eat mostly small invertebrates such as termites, ants, small beetles, small worms, and larva. I was making dinner last night and heard the husband call out from the bathroom: But from the way it was moving, I suppose it is Brahminy blind snake. Glossy Worm Found in Bathroom is Actually a Brahminy Blind Snake; Married Couple Battle Doctors and the Internet in the Hope That Their Parasitic Infections are Taken Seriously; Snake-like Creature Found in This Man’s Toilet; Red, String-Like Worm in Bathroom Sink is a Tubificid Worm (Tubifex Tubifex) Bimini Blind Snake Feeding. They love living in our outside plant containers. Adult "flower pot snake" or brahminy blind snake shown next to a dime for size comparison (adult). The Brahminy Blind Snake originally lived in Southeastern Asia. Brahminy blind snakes (Indotyphlops braminus) are tiny (2–6 inches), brownish-black, earthworm-like snakes with nearly invisible eyes and no distinct head or tail (Figure 3). It is a myth that these snakes are venomous and deadly. Obviously the normal snake diet of mice isn’t appropriate. It is believed that it was introduced in the soil of imported plants. It is an exotic species, originally from Asia, and probably spread to Florida via the nursery trade.

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